Alana Gray, PhD
Co-founder | Facilitator

Dr. Gray has more than 10 years of molecular biology research experience and is a scientific development consultant and co-founder of Segue Science Labs.

James Cardelli, PhD
Co-founder | Facilitator

Dr. Cardelli was a research faculty member for 30 years and is the founder of three biotechnolgy companies, Segue Therapeutics, SegueTx-Pancreactic Cancer and Segue Science Labs in Shreveport, LA.


Dr. Giordano has founded six companies and is the President and CEO of TheraVasc and Sulfagenix, Inc.

Tony Giordano, PhD
Commercialization Consultant

Mr. Grant is an expert in finance and has a background in startup company development and growth strategies.

Kiley Grant, MS
Finance Consultant


The EAP has a track record of helping new entrepreneurs grow their companies through business guidance and investor introductions.

Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP)

External Advisors

Mr. Holoubek is a USPTO registered patent attorney with extensive experience in patent law and intellectual property law prosecution.

Charles Holoubek, MBA, JD
Patent Attorney