NIH Addresses Intellectual Property Threats

SSM makes a directed effort to inform clients, colleagues and friends to protect IP at all costs.  This includes being extremely selective in who you share information with.  Unfortunately, IP integrity can be compromised even at the highest levels of science, including the National Institutes of Health.  SSM understands the importance of government funding to scientific research, but we also take this opportunity to reiterate the need to limit sharing of information related to unprotected IP, even in grant applications.  Researchers, please take heed.  Even if it is someone or some institute where you think you are safe to share, stop and consider if it's really necessary; maybe there's a way to convey some of the information without giving away the valuable parts.  Think on that, and ask for help if you need it (we're happy to help).  This letter from the NIH mentions efforts by the NIH to overcome these issues, but you are the most effective protector of your IP.

SSM Facilitates Technology Transfer - First Spinoff Company for ULM

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News Coverage:

Shreveport Times


On 18 October 2017, ULM officially signed a license agreement with newly-formed university spinoff company, Oleolive.  This is the result of the recent SSM contract with ULM to help commercialize scientific discoveries from the School of Pharmacy.  Jim Cardelli (CTO) and Alana Gray (COO) co-founded Oleolive, along with Kiley Grant (CEO), Amal Kaddoumi (Chief Scientist - Neuroscience and Biopharmaceutics) and Khalid El Sayed (Chief Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry).  Oleolive will isolate oleocanthal from olive oil, a primary ingredient contributing to the health benefits of olive oil.  Oleocanthal will be sold to scientists looking to generate further scientific data on this compound, and research and production will be performed in-house to generate oleocanthal-based health products.

SSM and EAP Partner Up

SSM is proud to announce a partnership with the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) of Shreveport. Together, SSM and EAP will enhance the rate of formation of biotechnology companies in our region and will provide an extended menu of services including financial models, business plans, website development, pitch deck formation and wet lab space.

SSM Enters Louisiana Startup Prize (June 2017)

After experiencing the LASP last year as part of SegueTx-Pancreatic Cancer, SSM decided to enter the competition this year.   LASP is an energizing experience that presents the opportunities to fine-tune startups and meet fellow entrepreneurs and potential investors.  The Q1 Event was held June 3-5.  Q2 is coming up July 21-23.  We can't wait!